Wendy's The Unbinging

AD: Michelle Meng
CW: Deryek Sandhu, Ashley Park

Due to shortage of beef for Wendy’s during COVID 19, we explored a way to target a new consumer group for Wendy’s: fitness and diet beginners. We explore the economic behaviors of Temptation Coupling and Fresh Start Effect: vaccine is coming out soon, meaning quarantine is almost over, so it’s time to start fresh and get moving in a sustainable, unbinging way.

Initial Post

Initial we will announce that Wendy’s is going to be your new at-home fitness & wellness trainer, on January 1st 2021, fresh start!

App Launch

Using twitter, Wendy’s is announcing a new app to help start their consumers’ wellness journey in a fun and easy way. Including having sustainable small rewards along the way to help them keep the routine even post COVID 19. New year, new you!

App Interface

By gamifying with challenges and incentives for each individual’s wellness goals, from small Dave’s burger to frosties rewards you earn coupons to unlock with each goal reached. Wendy’s helps you keep track for you of when you can give yourself a reward in an unbinging manner.

Twitter Roasts

Adding to Wendy’s unique and humorous online persona, trainer Wendy’s will roast you on Twitter when you want to give up, but rewards you after you reached your goal, just like a real trainer.